Jackson Heights Kitchen & Bath

Jackson Heights, NY

This apartment was our first foray into home ownership. We got a great deal on a fixer-upper in the heart of the Jackson Heights historic district. The kitchen and bathroom were both very small so it was important to maximize every inch of space and keep within our budget.

To achieve a light and airy feeling in the petit kitchen, we used light colored Ikea cabinets, mixing wood with glass and aluminum to reflect light. White Corian counters and appliances, glass mosaic tiles, and strategic lighting contribute to making the space feel more expansive. 

To maximize the sense of space in the bathroom, we used a palette of black and white with accents of glass and polished chrome to create a clean, crisp retreat. Careful use of a contrasting color can also expand space by drawing the eye up and around edges.

I love showing the before and after images of this project because the transformation was so dramatic!

Contractor: Robert Roses

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  • Kitchen

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