Forest Hills Townhouse

Forest Hills, NY

Upon purchasing this charming Forest Hills townhouse, the owners, both journalists, knew they needed to make some changes. In addition to cosmetic upgrades, the scope of work included reworking the kitchen and dining room to add a powder room on the first floor, and a convertion of  the unfinished attic into a home office along with the addition of a new central air system.

After exploring several options of how to access and convert the attic (and after consulting a structural engineer) we cut back the attic floor over the master bedroom thus creating an open loft accessible by a small sprial stair located in a corner of the master bedroom. Railing-height glass panels supported by wood posts serve as the guardrail at the edge of the loft floor allowing in light and providing a visible expansion of space. Complementing the exposed brick walls, With the addition of hardwood floors, skylights and frosted glass light shafts, the loft is a cozy, light filled writer's sanctuary.

Contractor: MBros Construction Inc.