Faves and Raves!

Jul 8, 2015

Relocated to Pennsylvania!

I am thrilled to be back in the Philadelphia area - where it all started! I grew up in a modest bick house in St. Davids but was always in awe of the large historic mansions that pepper the Main Line. One of my favorites was the old Strawbridge mansion in Bryn Mawr, which was vacant for a long time when I was little. My grandmother lived nearby and I remember walking with her through the overgrown grounds past the old stables and spring house up to the crumbling stone veranda to peek into empty rooms through dusty windows while imaging grand parties and life from another time. A small detail I remember were the carved sailboats nailed to the ends of the shutters. I thought that was just fantastic.

In highschool, I made it a point every year to go to the Vassar Show House, not necessarily to see the elegantly designed rooms but to see the house itself. When else would I get a chance to roam around such storied rooms? To see up close exquisitely carved stair cases and woodwork, custom Tiffany glass windows and chandeliers, safes you could walk in, period appliances and cabinetry hardware, beautiful wood floors and vintage lighting, well proportioned rooms with composed views - it was heaven.

I look forward to reconnecting with former clients and colleagues, seeing old friends, and contributing to the built environment of this beautiful and historic area.